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About Us

Let’s Get Familiar

After a successful business journey of more than Two Decades, Saksham Realtors (fast emerging Real Estate Developers in India) unleashed an innovative concept, named Decaabo De-Carbonizing.

Decaabo De-Carbonizing (or Decaabo) is an ultra-advanced de-carbonizing solution that refreshes the vehicle’s complete auto system and enables it to GLIDE.

The Technology

Integrated with NEXT-GEN features, Decaabo cleans and re-energizes the vehicle’s (both domestic and commercial) engineering systems, using ultramodern OxyHydrogen (HHO) technology.

Titanium (NOT Steel) based High- Grade equipment and parts, imported EXCLUSIVELY from Germany and the USA while assembled in India, make Decaabo a perfect solution for any vehicle class.

The Technology Partner

Decaabo is a Best in the Class outcome of the technology collaboration with the leading engineering equipment developer and manufacturer in India. Strategically based at a commercially strong location in the country, the provider has a rich background of over 25 Years in delivering high- end equipment, like Decaabo.

Major Recognitions and Certifications

  •  Decaabo De-Carbonizing – ISO 9001-2015
  •  Technology Partner’s Credentials – ISO 9001-2015; Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive of European Union (EU); Certified Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP); Motor Vehicle Directive, among others.

The Committed Business Ethics

GLIDE – Growth – Leadership – Integrity – Dedication – Excel