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Decaabo is a Best in the Class outcome of the technology collaboration with the leading engineering equipment developer and manufacturer in India. Strategically based at a commercially strong location in the country.


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World’s leading, USA best Decarbonising technology providers Decaabo launched in India to provide best services to its customers with the Product range HYDRO CAR SERVICE. With our competitive service technology & low service cost, we are having 5,000+ happy customers across India. Decarbonising services starts from 2000 rs. onwards. Even if, the service costs are less comparing to other competition companies, we never ever compromise on Service & its quality to the customers as Decaabo always focus to deliver the latest technology at a lower cost to our customers. We, at Decaabo, follow Single cleaning and Double Cleaning Technology which is the latest add-on to the Decarbarization family worldwide.
At Decaabo, we provide a vast range of Car Carbon Cleaning services to boost your car’s health! We believe cleaning the vehicle from the inside is as important as cleaning the car from outside. Our Car Carbon Cleaning Services are available in most cities of India. As we offer our Dealership across Pan India.

How it Works?

Hydroxy gas is capable to clear the carbon deposits stuck around the combustion chamber parts like the Head, Piston, Valves, and chamber walls. Energizer is required for Decarbonising service. Decaabo Decarbonising service works to remove the above-mentioned carbon at the combustion chambers. In some old vehicle engines, there will be some very minor blocks at the fuel path and nozzles or injectors. This may cause the vehicle less in pick-up or unwanted vibrators. Whenever you or the vehicle owner decided to clean the nozzles or injectors


This system causes to keeps all ICE(Internal Combustion Engines) 70% carbon-free at the chambers and also ensures for pollution less, the engine smooth, instant more pick-up, and more Mileage.


The easy method of Decarbonising service should be done by the trained persons only. There may occur any disadvantage when the service rule of the company is not followed.

Benefits of Our Services

At Decaabo, our services can improve your car’s mileage for up to 5KMPL. Perhaps, we help your vehicle to reduce emissions and fuel consumption.
At Decaabo, we frequently change your oil and oil filters to run smoothly even on rugged roads.
Using our carbon clean machines, our professionals take out all the dirt and grime stuck on your car’s engine to expand your vehicle’s lifespan.
Whether your car makes noises in motion or at rest, our professionals look after your vehicle’s most profound routes to produce less smoke and noise.
We at Decaabo use engine car cleaning machine to improvise your car’s performance like air cooling filter, superchargers, etc.
We at Decaabo promise to service your car through the best car carbon cleaning machines as such machines improvise your car engines to produce less smoke.
Decaabo Decarbonising Machine – Our Team started research in this process from the past 2019, Firstly entered into decarbonising machines with high-grade dry cells with special based titanium plates with MMO coating and silica gel technology, because we are curing inside the engine with those methods the engine spares gets corroded the process which the USA team helped us to assemble decarbonising machines with high potential technology, we have technology from 1000 LPH to 50,000 LPH Hydro-oxy gas that you can service from 50CC Vehicle to 50,000cc engines. our machine can be service from bike, car, truck, bus, boat, and Genset.


What is Decarbonisation of an Car Engine?

Engine Decarbonisation as the name suggests can be a chemical or mechanical process where carbon deposits on the cylinder head, and on the pistons are removed to ensure better functioning of the engine. It also involves getting rid of the carbon deposits from the other working components of the engine.

How does HHO Carbon Cleaning work?

Decaabo HHO vehicle carbon cleaning consumes water by electrolysis, into its components; pure hydrogen and oxygen gases. … With the engine idling, HHO gas is simply fed into the combustion chamber via the air intake where it burns, along with the fuel. The hydrogen-oxygen decarbonization machine can extract hydrogen and oxygen atoms in the water by electrolysis, and form a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen, and enter the engine combustion chamber via the engine intake manifold. After the Brown gas is filled with the engine combustion chamber, ignition is ignited, and the principle of hydrogen and oxygen catalysis can be used to produce O, H, and OH active atoms in the process of high-temperature combustion. It can promote the high temperature cracking of medium and long carbon-hydrogen chain in gasoline, accelerate the oxidation reaction speed), the principle of oxygen-rich combustion (the wax and gelatin in gasoline are made up of a long hydrocarbon chain or super long hydrocarbon chain, and the active atoms such as O, H and OH can also accelerate the cracking, the ultimate scavenging carbon), the principle of water and hydrogen circulation and so on. The performance of the engine has been completely and thoroughly cleaned up by the characteristics of the air, and the motor power is restored, and the engine will not cause any damage to the engine, and the shortage of the traditional chemical carbon removal agent is avoided, and it is a qualitative flight in the field of automobile maintenance.

How does Hydrogen clean an Engine?

Engine Carbon Cleaning is a process where a machine equipped with a Hydrogen Generator, and by the use of electrolysis of distilled water, creates Oxy-Hydrogen Gas. Once the hydrogen gas is produced, it is simply transferred into the engine thru a tube into the air intake of the vehicle being cleaned.

Does Decaabo Carbon Cleaning clean injectors?

A Decaabo engine carbon clean has a number of benefits for vehicles with combustion engines. Decaabo Decarbonizing Machine can remove deposits from areas of the engine that other processes can’t reach. This includes the combustion chambers, exhaust ports, cats, lambda sensors, inlet valves, fuel injectors, and fuel pressure regulators.

Which Exhaust Gas comes out from the silencer…???

(A) Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, nitrogen oxide (nitrous oxide) and Hydrocarbons are the 4 poisonous gases exhausted. Most present-day, gasoline-powered vehicles are fitted with a “three-way” converter, named so because it converts the three main pollutants in automobile exhaust: carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbons, and oxides of nitrogen to produce carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and water.

Amount of Exhaust gas coming out from silencer…???

Component Emission Rate Hydrocarbons 2.80 grams/mile (1.75 g/km) Carbon monoxide 20.9 grams/mile (13.06 g/km) NOx 1.39 grams/mile (0.87 g/km) Carbon dioxide – greenhouse gas 415 grams/mile (258 g/km)

How to measure these exhaust gas….???

(A) Emissions measurement is the process of measuring the amount of pollutants, in a gaseous or particulate form, being emitted to the air from a specific source, such as an industrial process. … The gas stream can be measured before and after a pollution control device to determine how efficiently it captures pollutants.

How to calculate the amount of Exhaust gas coming out except puc

After doing Decarbonising how much amount of pollution is reduced in terms of the number Up to 70%.